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Praktikavermittlung IAESTE Hamburg e.V.

Consultion hours please refer to info box on the left!

Telefon:   +49 152 056 07 628
Website: www.iaeste-hamburg.de

E-Mail for Applicants  info@iaeste-hamburg.de

Administration:     verein@iaeste-hamburg.de


IAESTE Hamburg c/o TUHH (Raum 223)
Schlossmühlendamm 30-32, D-21073 Hamburg

 Bank account:

IAESTE Hamburg, GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
Kontonummer: 2043594100, Bankleitzahl: 43060967

 -  in Cooperation with IAESTE Germany at the DAAD and IAESTE a.s.b.l.  -
International Ass. for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience


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