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IAESTE LC Hamburg Praktikavermittlung e.V.

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Upcoming events
Fri, 22 Nov 2019

21.11.19 19:00-20:30 Info evening at IAESTE office

28.11.19 Free Coffee and Info Table at TUHH Campus

03.12.19 ~13:30 Info Presentation on IAESTE internahips at TUHH Room O 018

11.12.19 18:30-20:00 Homecoming Evening for all outgoing students of 2019

12.12. Internal IAESTE Christmas Cookies Baking Event

next weekly IAESTE meetings:
Wednesday 27.11. 18:30-20:00
Thursday 28.11.

Thu, 21 Nov 2019
Sprechzeiten zur Zeit nach Bedarf
Bitte kündigt euch per E-Mail an.

office hours as required
Please send us an E-Mail.


Schloßmühlendamm 30-32
2. Stock, R. 223
21073 Hamburg

S-Bahn-Station: Harburg Rathaus - 2 Minuten zu Fuß
Need to meet us ?
Thu, 14 Nov 2019
Send us an email or contact us via our facebook or instagram !



Daily Life in Hamburg

Here is some useful information for all interns who are spending their IAESTE internship in Hamburg.


The national committee ensures that your salary is at least 650 Euro per completed month. Since most interns don’t have a German bank account the salary gets transferred to our account and gets handed to you in cash. The rent for your flat will be deducted from this money. 

Please notice that the monthly rent may be different from the value stated on your acceptation documents. The average rent in Hamburg is around 350 Euro and is usually paid at the beginning of a month. Finding an accommodation in Hamburg is a hard job since the housing situation is pretty stressed and even locals have a hard time finding good and cheap accommodations. But do not worry too much, up to now we found a place to stay for every intern we ever had!

Since it is hard finding a flat exactly for the time of your stay it may be necessary for you to move during your stay. In case you arrive before the beginning of the month, you may have to sleep in a hostel for the first days.

 Summer Program

The IAESTE Local Committees are organizing a summer program for some weekends to show you different cities and to meet other interns. Those trips are supported by IAESTE so you are most likely to get discounts on train tickets and other expenses. The activities will be posted on this site , at facebook and also on our homepage. We will give you further information when you arrive in Hamburg.

 Learning German

 In Hamburg most people speak English and it is very easy to get through the day without having to speak German at all. So do not worry, you will not get lost.

If you are interested in German classes, there are offers in the public school (VHS) or from the Goethe Institut. There are more than that, which you can easily find on google.

Important telephone numbers

To call the police use 110 and to call the ambulance or fire brigade use 112 (Say where and what happened, how many people are involved or hurt, your name and wait for further questions).

You might find telephone cells where you can pay with coins and others where you can only pay with a calling card. To buy a “Telefonkarte” in a kiosk or mobile phone shop is a good option. There are also internet cafes with telephone kiosks.

 Public Transportation

The public transportion in Hamburg is one of the best in Germany. To find the easiest connections you can use the website of the company or their app. Sadly there is no English translation available. If you insist on using English language just use the public transportation planner of googlemaps which also works just fine. Operating hours are until around 2 am on weekdays. On weekends the trains operate the whole night long. The public metro system is in this map. You must have a valid ticketbefore entering all trains and a fee will be charged if you get caught.

If you are interested in travelling through Germany or Europe there is a variety of options:

  • Train tickets can be bought online but usually are expensive. At ltur you can get cheaper tickets a week in advance to your ride or check for summer specials.
  •  Next to the train there are comparably cheap bus lines to and from Hamburg: flixbus, postbus, berlin linien bus, Meinfernbus, Student Agency,….
  •  Car sharing is also a big thing in Germany. Websites offering such are: blablacar, mitfahrgelegenheit, mitfahrzentrale,… 
  •  Cheap flights throughout Europe are offered by low fare airlines like Ryanair, AirLingus, AirBerlin, EasyJet, TuiFly or GermanWings. 


Usually you get the DAAD internship insurance which includes a combination of health-insurance, accident-insurance and a private liability-insurance before coming to Germany. We will hand you out the insurance documents when you arrive.

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