Welcome to Hamburg


We are happy that you will have your IAESTE internship in Hamburg. Here are a couple of hints and information you might want to go through before your departure.

Airport Pickup

We arrange a pick-up for all our interns. Hence we need you to let us know about the details of your arrival by e-mail to incoming@iaeste-hamburg.de. The person picking you up will get in contact with you prior to your arrival.


In case you are not sure who is responsible for the procedure of getting your visa, please contact an exchange officer of the DAAD, the national committee of IAESTE Germany, prior to your arrival. Remember that your passport or identity card has to be valid for the period of your stay.


If you stay for more than 3 months, it will be necessary to register at the registration office in Hamburg. The procedure costs around 10 € and you have to bring your IAESTE documents (Form O and Form N/5) as well as a biometrical photo. Don't worry, we will help you with this procedure.


Make sure that you bring enough money with you to at least last the first month. The DAAD estimates the total costs of living to be around 650 Euro per month which includes also the accommodation and a monthly pass for the public transport in Hamburg. In addition you may have to place a deposit for your room. You will receive your salary at the end of each month.


No special immunization or vaccination are needed to enter Germany.


The weather in Germany is not always sunny and warm. Especially Hamburg is considered to be a rainy city with low temperatures. It is quite windy and there can be snow during winter. So be adequately prepared for everything, don’t forget warm clothes which are suitable for rainy days and think about appropriate clothes for your job.  

 Electrical Equipment

Ensure that the plugs of your electrical equipment fit into German sockets with two pins. In many stores you can buy adapters if needed. The standard Power-Supply-System voltage is 230V / 50 Hz (AC).

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