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12.12. Internal IAESTE Christmas Cookies Baking Event

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Hey students in Hamburg!

Planning an internship for Summer 2020? - We opend the Registration for internships in 2020. You can find the link and all relevant information under  "internship next summer". Please have a look at the description for the registration first.

Planning an internship for this winter or early spring 2020? - Outside of the regular application rounds, we still have some great internships available that you can apply for. All current internships can be found at: iaeste.org/open_internships Check out this list and send an email to info@iaeste-hamburg.de if you found something interesting for you.

Questins about the general procedure of IAESTE internships? - Send us an email to info@iaeste-hamburg.de if you don't find all information you need on our homepage. 



The IAESTE local committee Hamburg provides internships for students in Hamburg in all technical and scientific fields. There are internships offered both in the industry as well as in research institutes. Most of the IAESTE internships last about 2-3 months and usually take place during the summer months. All IAESTE internships are paid; the salary is based on the approximate costs of living in the receiving country. IAESTE takes care of all necessary formalities and usually provides accommodation for the trainees. This service is free for students enrolled in German universities due to the integration of the IAESTE programme into the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Member nations

You can do your internship in one of the following countries:

If you want to see a full list of member countries please see this link!


Annual cycle

Application process always starts in November! Please follow our facebook page or regularly check this website for updates! 

To apply visit "internship next summer" (this application will only start end of october)



October - November

In October you are asked to register  as student on our IAESTE Exchange Platform (EP) system with all personal information, including contact detail or your field of study. The verification of your account will be done after you uploaded a CV, a current transcript of record, a valid certificate of enrollment and a language certificate approving your english skills. After the verification you can complete your profile, so IAESTE can search a suitable internship offer for you. APPLY NOW

End of January

In January, all member nations exchange the internship placements at a big international conference. We then announce which internship offers have been exchanged to IAESTE Germany. It is a list with around 700 jobs in over 80 nations worldwide. Each offer on the list contains information an time period and duration, required study level and major, language requirements and other required abilities.

You are asked to choose up to 10 favourite placements. But please read the requested criteria carefully as most employers won't accept you if you don't fulfill all of them.

Please be aware that it is possible we won't get one or all of them to Hamburg to distribute it to you. Please take a close look at the offers in less known countries, as they are generaly really interesting and chances are higher you get the offer.


In Febuary there is a national conference where each local committee is aiming to take home the offers, which suit the wishes of each of their students best. Directly after the conference we send you either a mail with

a) a direct approval because we got your offer and you're the only student from Hamburg who was interested in it

b) a request to write a motivation letter because we got your offer but you're not the only student from Hamburg who was interested in it

c) a denial because unfortunately we didn't get your offer.

We will also send you a list with late offers via email.


Students who have been approved (either direct or after sending their motivation letter and being accepted) will have to apply to their employer until March 30th. Over 80% of the employers accept students if they fulfill all the requested criteria (e.g. study major, study level, language level). Don't worry, we will help you to prepare the application to the employer.


Starting May students receive their acceptance letters by the employers. You can now start to apply for a Visa if required, book your flight, search for accomodation (if not provided by the IAESTE committee in the guest country) and apply for the traveling allowance at the DAAD ("Fahrtkostenzuschuss") and enjoy your IAESTE experience.


Early/ Late offers

Whether you didn't get a offer in the first place or were denied or you simply were too late for the whole process, nothing is lost. Please look at the current offer list. Feel free to contact us if one of the offers caught your interest. 


Cost of an internship

Normally an IAESTE internship should be zero-sum situation. Your employer will pay you a salary which should be enough to pay the apartment and cover the cost of living. You also should take a look at the Fahrtkostenzuschuss of the DAAD! For some internships in the Erasmus region the  TUHH international office will be able to give you an additional scholarship.

You are asked to pay a deposit of €100 in order to take care that you take the application process seriously. You get the deposit back after sending us your internship report up to four weeks after ending the internship or in case the internship was canclled by the employer.

You won't get your deposit back if you have been accepted by the employer and then decide to not do the internship. IAESTE worldwide will suffer a bad reputation and you take away someones opportunity to take that place instead.

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